Fund UNRWA in FY'25 and Support a Humanitarian Ceasefire in the Middle East

Dear Senator Laphonza Butler/Senator Alex Padilla/Rep Ken Calvert,
Lives are at risk. Not only is a blockade and inadequate funding preventing aid from crossing into Gaza, but the effects of war are making it impossible to reach vulnerable civilians.
No other organization can accomplish UNRWA’s humanitarian efforts on the ground. Ending funding for UNRWA means denying nearly 2 million people access to healthcare, ending schooling for 250,000 children, and cutting off financial aid to over 900,000 of the most vulnerable Palestinian civilians. Several UN humanitarian agencies have expressed that they lack the capacity to address the humanitarian crisis should the U.S. stop supporting UNRWA. I urge you to resume funding to UNRWA in FY’25, so it can continue its comprehensive humanitarian work across the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.
As my Senators and Member of Congress, I am asking you to take action that will save as many lives as possible. A ceasefire is urgently needed and without it, humanitarian workers cannot safely distribute food and medical supplies. The loss of any life is devastating – please support an immediate humanitarian ceasefire today.
Ike Khamisani
Inland Empire, California