(COP26: UN Climate Change Conference, 1-12 November 2021, Glasgow)

We, a collective of chapters of the United Nations Association of the USA in the western
regions, supported by co-sponsors listed below:

Gravely concerned about widespread, rapid and intensifying climate change with its growing manifestations of extreme heat, wildfires, floods, drought, sea level rise and the consequent deprivation, displacement, worsening health, and human insecurity
around the world,

Recalling the critical role of the United Nations in providing an inclusive political and technical forum for all countries to address the drivers and effects of climate change, especially through the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Conference of Parties (COP),

Impelled by the IPCC Sixth Assessment report of August 2021 providing further evidence of the human-induced global warming trajectory rapidly approaching the 1.5°C warming threshold, passing which will put humanity and the planet on a path to global warming becoming unstoppable, and provoking the UN Secretary General’s declaration of “Code Red for Humanity,”

Recognizing that the most significant causes of planetary climate change are known, including the countries and regions, industries and production processes, economic and financial incentives, public consumption and lifestyles—as are the respective responses required of each to halt global warming and climate change,

Deploring that government and other stakeholders, both private and public, responsible for global warming have failed, individually and collectively, to recognize the most urgent needs, and have yet to commit to the necessary actions that will address the causes of
global warming,

Acknowledging with anticipation the U.S. government’s renewed, invigorated intentions to address climate change, and the importance of goals, policies and actions already taken by many stakeholders and locales in the United States; concurrently recognizing the United States as a major contributor both to global warming and climate change, as well as the measures required to mitigate and adapt to the existential threats to planetary stability and human security.

We make this Declaration and Appeal:

  1.  Demand and support the U.S. government to exercise strong political will and leadership to do what is needed by the community of nations and other collaborators at the UN Climate Change Conference, Glasgow (COP26) and in its follow-up. 
  2. Urge the U.S. government to strive for unity at COP26 to secure global net zero
    emissions to ensure that the 1.5°C target is not surpassed, to phase out fossil fuels, adapt
    to protect communities and natural habitats from the current impacts of accelerating
    climate change, mobilize finance, and work together to act in accord with the Sustainable
    Development Goals
  3. Appeal to the U.S. government, acting in concert with other stakeholders in state
    and local governments, enterprises, civil society organizations and the public, and
    learning from best practices, to repurpose our economy through transitioning
    production and consumption and to re-align national priorities and policies with equity
    to achieve what we know, based on science, must be done. 
  4. Call on governments at federal, state, regional and local levels to partner with all
    economic sectors and decision-makers that are manifestly most responsible for climate
    change—including finance, transportation, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and
    energy—to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while firmly confronting denial and self interested opposition.
  5.  Support the world-wide ‘climate movement,’ especially among youth and the most
    vulnerable, endorsing enthusiastically the plea to governments and all leaders to act with
    urgency to protect the future of humanity and the planet.  

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