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After working on several projects abroad, in 2018, Jennipha was privileged to take on the role of Ambassador for UN Women USA LA. This position pairs her diplomacy and advocacy experience with opportunities to engage with local, state, national political, and business leaders; to advance the rights of women and girls internationally and domestically.

2016, as a recent Obama Fellow, she found herself taking the reins and leading numerous large grassroots events, calls to action, and movements throughout Los Angeles.

During the last several years, she has been honored to collaborate with many globally recognized organizations to lead, assist & facilitate training: OFA, MoveOn, Indivisible, Climate Reality Project, NDLON, ACLU, UNA.

In 2012 Jennipha founded the ONE World Project (OWP), providing programming, education, and advocacy training empowering citizens to take a lead role in the solutions process for the humanitarian issues affecting their community. OWP would start locally in Southern California and expand rapidly, leading projects in Asia & Africa. The organization and teams left a positive impact through education and female-focused training during its six years of operation. 

In 2010, while in graduate school and she would be elected and serve as Student Body President at CSULA, one of the largest minority campuses in the nation. During her term, she would guide the student body through the largest financial crisis in higher education in generations. Jennipha worked to help pass the California Dream Act and later the Dream Act, protecting undocumented students. She raised awareness for homeless students, laid the groundwork for a campus food bank, and reallocated vital funds for courses cut due to budgetary constraints. While attending Cal State, she would serve on the Foundation Board & Faculty Senate. Her work with the Institutional Review Board (IRB) would leave the most significant impact and commitment to human rights while reviewing applications submitted to the board regarding human subject testing.

While still in graduate school, Jennipha-Lauren was crowned Ms. California World, with focus around increasing funding for higher education and the importance of providing programs for girls and minority students to explore the fields of science & technology. 


Her hard work and creative outreach would garner UN staff members’ attention and lead to work aboard related to Universal Education, Gender Equality, and Rights for Persons with Disabilities.

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